Meet Dan

Bringing "Service" Back To Public Service

If the name Dan McDonald sounds familiar, it might be that you’ve heard him on his weekly radio show, Face to Face,  Fridays at noon on Blue Sky Broadcasting. Cohosting as the conservative voice of the show has provided Dan the opportunity to hear and discuss the concerns, needs and frustrations of Bonner County residents. 

Dan is a first term Commissioner in District 1 and is running again for the position.

Dan’s  experience as a former roofing consultant has been a valuable tool in helping him achieve  the accomplishments he’s had in office.   His business experience has benefited the taxpayers of Bonner County as he uses his background to save taxpayers money by making sweeping changes to the way the County operates, cutting spending by almost 8 million dollars and changing the culture to be more efficient and responsive to the citizens of Bonner County. 

Between his generous help with local charities, and his interest in local government, McDonald makes time in his schedule to attend, assist with and promote various local events. Always active in paying attention to government at all levels, Dan is responsive to citizens and always invites them to let him know what is on their minds. Staying informed on multiple issues, he breaks down some of the hot topics for us.

If you are interested in learning more about Dan’s platform, visit his Platform Page. 

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