Taxes and Services

Last year, for the first time in Bonner County history, we were able to cut almost $9 million from the budget. This year we followed up with again, for only now the second time in Bonner County history, we cut over $3 million out of the budget. That’s a total of over $12 million in two years without cutting a single service. Additionally, I was responsible for creating an environment that has changed the culture of County government to look for more efficient ways to provide services with greater value. These two together have and will continue to prove to be the vehicle for further reducing taxes for all Bonner County Residents.

A good portion of my expertise has been to promote a team attitude with all the departments in the County. That, coupled with a can do customer service attitude has proven to not only save taxpayer dollars through increased productivity but has also created a more customer service related experience for the taxpayers. The proper attitude and understanding can make a big difference here.

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