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Don't pick a "winner," pick a public service leader.

Meet Dan

Always active in paying attention to government at all levels, Dan is responsive to citizens and always invites them to let him know what is on their minds.

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Working together with local families, businesses and fellow commissioners, Dan McDonald has a winning list of improvements that have made a great county even better.

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Dan works hard to put "service" back into public service. Defending your constitutional rights, increasing the economy and jobs, protecting the Bonner County culture, responsible budgets that lower taxes, and a "bottom up" model of government are just a few highlights of Dan's service. 

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Bonner County Loves Dan McDonald! Join the team and support the freedom, rights, and values of Bonner County.

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Thank you for your financial support for Dan McDonald. Help us bring the service back into public service. Donations over $50 are required to give a name and address to our Treasurer. Please email that info to

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